If all you were running from, was it the way to go to be happy again?

Elise Sodderlandthe raven-haired girl with a tormented soul, is living in a lie. Prisoner of her past, she’s hiding a dark secret which memories have infected her soul and marked her skin. When she suddenly collides with everything she's trying to hide from, she will find that she no longer wants to live in the shadows, but she’s not ready to trust again yet.

Colin Knight
, a well-known English businessman, apparently regards everything that every man can desire, but his soul lives in an armor. He said goodbye to love the day he lost a part of himself and from then he’s trying to keep the pieces together, to be a father to his daughter, but his heart is dormant in a sleep made of pain and regrets, beyond a wall that seems impassable.

What happens when two so different and yet so similar universes collide?
Only love, unexpected and passionate, can rekindle two hearts crushed under the ashes of a life that seems to want to break them.

His fingers slid over my waist and a shiver went up from the back of my neck, right to the center of my senses. He wanted to support me, not to imprison me.
Between his arms I'm safe.

The novel deals with delicate contents, reading is recommended to an aware public.

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